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I'll be waiting

with a gun and a pack of sandwiches

Pamela Jean
8 September 1983
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I am a war of head versus heart.
, abercrombie and fitch, animals, anti-bush, anti-homophobia, anti-underwear, beauty, beer, being admired, being in love, being noticed, bikinis, blow, body piercings, boobs, bright eyes, candles, chocolate, cigarettes, clothes, coach, coffee, cold weather, concerts, cuddling, cursing, dancing, dating shows, dita von teese, dogs, drinking, elvis, eyes, falling in love, family, family guy, flip flops, friends, gay pride, german to the max, gia, giggling, girl interrupted, girls, halloween, hip bones, holding hands, hollister, horror movies, hot chicks, hot lesbians, hot showers, journals, juice, juliana theory, kisses, kissing, laguna beach, lesbians, liberal, lilly lou dog, lingerie, lip gloss, lips, llamas, long conversations, love, makeup, making love, making out, mean girls, money, movies, music, my car, my dog, my friends, naked girls, night time, passion, perfection, photography, pictures, pit bulls, playing "there's your boyfriend", pot, procrastinating, pulp fiction, purple, pussy, quentin tarantino, rain, rainbows, rainy days, reading, road trips, rocky horror, same-sex marriage, scion tc, seattle, sex, sexy girls, shopping, sleeping, smiles, smoking, smoking marijuana, snow, soy, spooning, starbucks, stars, staying up late, sublime, sunglasses, tank tops, tattoos, the beatles, the color pink, the cure, the emperor's new groove, thrift stores, tits, truth, tv, vacation, vanity, victoria's secret, washington, watching people, web design, weed, weekends, willy wonka, winter, women, writing, ♀♀